Compliance Solutions

At Focus as well as preparing your financial statements, we can help ensure all your personal and business compliance requirements with the IRD are met, including;

  • Tax Returns
  • GST Returns
  • PAYE Returns
  • FBT Returns

The Inland Revenue may decide at any stage to investigate you or your business to ensure compliance with various tax and legislative requirements.

The taxpayer is responsible for the costs involved in providing the required information, and working through the resulting process, so we offer our clients access to Audit Shield.

Audit Shield Covers:

  • Accounting Fees in responding to audits, reviews and Investigations
  • Specialist professional fees if a tax expert or lawyer is required for an opinion or defence
  • Provides 100% coverage of fees (up to the prescribed limit)
  • Is tax deductible for businesses and self-employed
  • Is underwritten by Vero
  • To find out more please come speak to us

If you are a Provisional Tax payer, there are different Tax Pooling Solutions available to help you pay your tax, and keep any Use of Money Interest to a minimum.

Tax Pooling Solutions:

  • Tax Deposit - Deposit your provisional tax payments into an independently run tax pool and increase your return on overpayments.
  • Tax Purchase - Save up to 30% in use of money interest costs and avoid late payment penalties by buying the tax you need from a tax pool.
  • Tax Swap - Increase your return/reduce interest costs by swapping excess tax payments made into any tax pool for tax on the date you require.
  • Tax Finance - Finance provisional tax payments at very competitive rates for up to 21 months.  No application fees, no credit checks, no security required.
  • Historic Deposit Finance - Holding a deposit in a tax pool? Treat it as a pre-approved overdraft facility - the funds can be withdrawn and financed at competitive rates at any time.
  • To find out more please come and speak to us


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